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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learn SSIS : Expressions in SSIS - Part 2

In my previous post i covered Event handler, in this i will be covering Expressions, and where we can actually set the expressions to extend SSIS package functionality.


Expressions are used to set or evaluate property values at run time in SSIS package. It provides a great extending feature, based on runtime values or workflow status a property of Control flow or container or connection  manager can be set.

Expressions are made up of identifiers, literals, functions, and operators. These elements are evaluated by SSIS and return a single data value which is set as property value.

SSIS Expressions are made up of following functions or elements...

Expressions are evaluated before the validation, and its a good feature evaluate properties of components in SSIS package at run time. A lot can be done usign expression and its out of scope of this blog post to cover all about expressions.

I hope this piece of information is usefull..


Mathematical Functions
The Mathematical Functions category provides support for complex arithmetic including logarithms, exponents, and absolute values.

String Functions
String Functions provide support for the manipulation of character data.

Date/Time Functions
Date/Time Functions allow manipulation and processing of date and time data.

NULL Functions
NULL Functions allow manipulation of NULL values.

Type Casts
Type Casts are functions that allow data to be changed from one type to another.

Operators denote various mathematical or logical operations.

Where actually Expressions are used?
In SSIS Expressions can be used with below list of elements...
1. Derived Column Transformation
2. Conditional Split Transformation
3. For Loop Container
4. Precedence Constraints
5. Properties

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