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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learn SSIS : SCD - Slowly Changing Dimensions transformation

Slowly changing dimension transformation was one of the mystery transformation for me till now, as i never had chance to actually implement it. So today i block my time to implement this transformation by taking a simple example.

The concept of slowly changing dimension is explained very well and in detail on wikipedia, i would request readers to have a look at below link if you are not aware of SCD concept.

Before starting on our example, let me give you some glance of the SCD

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learn SSIS : Expressions in SSIS - Part 2

In my previous post i covered Event handler, in this i will be covering Expressions, and where we can actually set the expressions to extend SSIS package functionality.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learn SSIS : Event handlers, variables, expressions in SSIS - Part 1

SSIS is not just about control flows and dataflows, there are other options available in SSIS which extends functionality of SSIS package, and provides a great flexibility in desiging a successfull ETL solution. Lets take a deep insight of what are those options and how we can take benefit of them.

There are four options which extends functionality of SSIS packages.

1. Event Handlers
2. Variables
3. Expressions
4. SQL Queries

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Learn SSIS : Contol flow task categorization

Like how we categorized data flow transformations in my previous post "Dataflow-transformation-categorization" here i have categorized various control flow tasks we have in SSIS.

The task have been categroized based on the functionality they provide in SSIS Control Flow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learn SSIS : Dataflow Transformation Categorization..


Before anyone starts learning/designing data flow in SSIS, one should know what is been offered by Microsoft in SSIS toolbox. Most people don't know how many transformations are actually available in data flow and they choose some alternative workaround to performs operations which can be done easily using available transformations. In this article i am going to provide just a brief of all the transformations available in dataflow and categorise them. After reading this article one should be aware of what is been offered in SSIS designer, and it will be helpful for all those beginners to become aware of available transformations.

Also Categorization helps us to remember transformations, as there are lot.. its difficult to remember :)

Ok so lets start...

Transformations are divided into four categories

1. Row level  transformations
2. Rowset transformations
3. Multiple Input-output transformations
4. Advance Transformations.