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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learn SSIS : Dataflow Transformation Categorization..


Before anyone starts learning/designing data flow in SSIS, one should know what is been offered by Microsoft in SSIS toolbox. Most people don't know how many transformations are actually available in data flow and they choose some alternative workaround to performs operations which can be done easily using available transformations. In this article i am going to provide just a brief of all the transformations available in dataflow and categorise them. After reading this article one should be aware of what is been offered in SSIS designer, and it will be helpful for all those beginners to become aware of available transformations.

Also Categorization helps us to remember transformations, as there are lot.. its difficult to remember :)

Ok so lets start...

Transformations are divided into four categories

1. Row level  transformations
2. Rowset transformations
3. Multiple Input-output transformations
4. Advance Transformations.

Row Level Transformations

Row level transformations performs operations on data row by row. These transformations are most common in use and can be configured easily. Following are the transformations which comes under this category.

  • Audit
  • Cache Transform
  • Character Map
  • Copy Column
  • Data Conversion
  • Derived Column
  • Export Column
  • Import Column
  • Row Count
Rowset Transformation 

Rowset Transformation performs operations on multiple rows, these kind of transformations are memory intensive, but can be functionally very useful. Below are the list of transformations which comes under this category.

  • Aggregate
  • Percent Sampling
  • Pivot
  • Row Sampling
  • Sort
  • Un pivot
Multi input/output transformations
As the category name implies, these transformations requires multiple input and it generates multiple outputs.
These transformations provides functionality to combine or branch data and give the data flow the overall ability to process data from one or more sources to one or more destinations.

Below is the list of transformations which fall under this category..

  • Conditional Split
  • Lookup
  • Merge
  • Merge Join
  • Multicast
  • UnionAll
Advance Transformatoins
The transformations fall under this category provides ability to perform advance operations on data in pipeline of SSIS package.

  • OLE DB Command
  • Slowly Changing Dimension
  • Data Mining Query
  • Fuzzy Grouping
  • Fuzzy Lookup
  • Script Component
  • Term Extraction
  • Term Lookup
Thats all ... This all the transformations, and we have categorize them as well.. I hope this peice of information was helpfull...


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