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Saturday, July 23, 2011

SSIS in SQL SERVER Denali CTP3 (The First Look)

SSIS in SQL SERVER Denali CTP3 (The First Look)
As many of us may be aware of that Microsoft has already released sql server codename denali Beta, which will be a next version of sql server which is projected to release in 2012. This post will be concentrating on what you will notice in first look of SSIS designer.

Up on opening the project, you will notice following changes…
1.       Grouping of tasks and transformations have been shuffled or re-categorized, based on there usage.
2.       For control flow task, a new task Expression Task is added.
3.       In Data flow, you can new transformation that is DQS  Cleansing, its Data quality Service.
4.       They have added Source Assistant and Destination Assistant
5.       You can see a new tab added as Parameters, which helps to define package level parameters this looks a easy way of passing parameters to packages.
6.       The variable window has a new feature to change the scope of variable on a button click, which is quite useful.
7.       You can see connection manager in solution explorer, which indicates it allows sharing of Connections across packages.
Yes there will be more improvements and or extra feature.. I add them in my upcoming blogs.
Thanks for reading..

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